The Set up is complete

The set up and preparation is now complete. The learning environment has been set up where possible to reflect the world where areas are easily linked like language and maths and pupils can flow between them. The hope is that pupils will experience subjects not as isolated parts but as part of an integrated whole, for example books will be in all areas, pencils and pens can be used in the whole room and not just traditionally in the writing area.
Here is the video describing the organisation.

Time has been spent thinking about how to support pupils in becoming independent. There are 2 main reasons for this, one my colleague and I have no additional help in the classroom so the better pupils are at organising, tidying and tracking their tasks the better it will be for us to focus on groups that we are working with. The other reason is for the pupils themselves. It is important that they learn how to manage and track their own learning and develop self management skills. Based on this all trays are clearly labelled with red and green labels. Green labels mean anyone can use those trays and red labels are for adults only. All trays have both words and pictures of their content so pupils can tidy up after themselves. This helps with classroom organisation and economy of resources as hopefully pupils will return the resources to the correct tray.

We have given space between areas to allow pupils to move around the room and have provided a floor area for structured play and a floor area to have the whole class sitting for a get together time. All areas can be observed from what we are calling the teaching area. So if I am teaching a group I can still see the rest of the class.

The test will be when pupils engage in the environment and then I can see how well the ideas are working.